金融时报:周杰伦登顶微博超话榜,你为爱豆做数据了吗? | 双语笔记


  An epic generational clash waged on Chinese social media has come to a close last week, with the mostly older fans of 40-year-old singer Jay Chou declaring digital victory over the largely Gen Z followers of brash young vocalist Cai Xukun.上周中国社交媒体上爆发的一场史诗级别代际之战已经落幕,40岁歌星周杰伦的主要由“老粉”组成的粉丝们,在数据上战胜了新锐年轻歌手蔡徐坤的以Z世代为主的粉丝。


  He alleged that a press campaign was being waged against him. 他声称有人正在对他发起新闻攻势。

  brash盛气凌人,自以为是的,比如Beneath his brash exterior, he's still a little boy inside. 他外表盛气凌人,内心里还是个孩子。

  brash还可以形容事物耀眼、醒目、嘈杂,比如:The painting was bold, brash, and modern. 这幅画大胆、醒目,而且现代。



  Early Sunday morning, a screenshot posted to Chou’s official Weibo fan account showed the Taiwanese musician topping the platform’s list of “super topics”. Cai, the 21-year-old mainland entertainer who formerly occupied the No. 1 spot, now trails in second place, with a lower tally of the abstruse “influencer power” that the site uses to determine the rankings.周日凌晨,周杰伦官方微博粉丝账号上的一张截图显示,这一台湾音乐人登顶(微博)平台“超级话题”榜单。此前占据榜单第一位的21岁大陆艺人蔡徐坤如今排名第二,他的所谓“影响力”更低,微博用“影响力”来决定排名。

  topping是top的现在分词,居于首位,登顶。比如:The Tower of London tops the list of London’s most popular tourist attractions. 在伦敦最受欢迎的旅游景点中,伦敦塔名列第一。

  上一段用vocalist歌手做蔡徐坤的同位语,这里换了一个词entertainer, 以讲笑话、唱歌等来娱乐他人的表演者,艺人。

  排行榜上的位置,一般用名词spot表示,比如争夺冠军地位的两个队two teams battling for top spot?

  而在排行榜上排名落后、失利,动词可以是trail, 经常用进行时,搭配可以是:

  A落后于B, A is trailing B,比如:在民意测验中保守党的支持率落后于工党。The Conservatives are trailing Labour in the opinion polls.

  A落后N分,A is trailing by N points. 比如:We were trailing by five points. 我们落后五分。

  A以某个比分落后,A is trailing ...比如:United were trailing 20 at half-time. 联队在上半场结束时以0:2落后。

  也可以表示某种能力比不过别人,比如:This country is still trailing badly in scientific research. 这个国家在科研方面仍然大大滞后。

  微博上的“积分”在英文中可以对应tally这个词:a current score or amount 竞赛中的得分


  The virtual rivalry between the two singers’ fans camps began Tuesday, when a purported post by a user on Chinese social network Douban doubted the aging Chou’s current star power. In the days since the claim was first issued, it has?ruffled?the feathers?of Chou’s devoted followers.?两个歌星粉丝阵营之间的虚拟战争始于周二,据称中国社交平台豆瓣上的一名用户发布了一个帖子,质疑已步入中年的周杰伦当前的明星影响力。帖子一出,便激怒了周杰伦的忠实粉丝。

  purport声称是,据说是,be purported to be sth., 比如:

  The document is purported to be 300 years old. 这份文献据称已有300年历

  惹恼某人,ruffle,不过这个程度是slightly,并不像annoy那样是make sb. very angry,宾语是sb's feathers,ruffle sb’s feathers?(=offend someone)惹恼某人,得罪某人

  伤了某人的自尊 ruffle one's pride?


  What really is the so-called “Fan Economy” and why is understanding how it works so crucial to the world of contemporary Chinese celebrity?究竟什么是所谓的“粉丝经济”,以及为什么了解它的运作方式对当前中国名人圈如此重要?

  Maybe you have underestimated both the youth and power of this influential bloc of online fandom. While at first glance appearing to be a phenomenon limited to teenage fans and their limited pocket money, China’s Fan Economy has in fact grown into a standalone ?(独立的) business even an industry that is built on fans’ love of their favorite idols, as well as a complex network connecting talent, agents, social media channels, and major online video platforms.你们可能低估了这一有影响力的网络粉丝群体的年轻和力量。尽管第一眼看上去,这似乎只是局限于青少年粉丝和有限的零花钱的一个现象,但实际上,中国粉丝经济已经成长为一个独立的业务,甚至是一个行业。这个行业建立在粉丝对他们偶像的钟爱之上,以及连接艺人、经纪人、社交媒体渠道和主要在线视频平台的一个复杂网络。

  bloc集团,阵营,比如the former Soviet bloc 前苏联阵营



  Fans usually generate money for their idols, proving their economic power and surprising the market. These numbers can be attributed to highly efficient online fan clubs, which have company-like structures usually consisting of formal departments such as Core Management, Art Design, Copywriting, Data, Comment Control, Public Relations, Finance, and Frontline the last of which deals with direct, offline engagement. Hundreds of fans in these clubs concertedly coordinate online and offline efforts to support their idol of choice, and to make him or her appear more attractive and influential to viewers and brands.粉丝们常常为他们的偶像花钱,这证明了他们的经济实力,也让市场惊讶。这些数字要归功于高效的网上粉丝团,它们有着公司般的架构,通常由正式部门组成,比如核心管理、艺术设计、文案、数据、控评、公关、财务和前线。前线负责直接、线下的互动。这些粉丝团中成百上千的粉丝在线上和线下合力协调合作,以支持他们所选择的偶像,让他(她)在观众和品牌面前更具吸引力和影响力。

  which have company-like structures usually consisting of formal departments such as...这个非限制性定语从句修饰的是online fan clubs,-like词缀表示像……似的,consisting of...又作structures的后置定语。

  concerted一致的,concerted effortactionattack etc一致的努力行动攻击等

  Libraries have made a concerted effort to attract young people. 各图书馆同心协力吸引年轻人。

  a concerted approachattackcampaign 商定的方法;联合攻击;协同作战


  Back on the internet, the most important standards when measuring an idol’s popularity is the number of reposts, related posts, likes and comments on Sina Weibo, China’s most saturated microblogging platform. The idol singers are usually dominating China's social media, where it's very common for a single social media post by an average idol to receive hundreds of thousands of likes, shares and comments.回到互联网上,衡量一个偶像受欢迎程度最重要的标准,是其在新浪微博上的转发量、相关帖子数量、点赞数和评论数。新浪微博是中国最饱和的微博平台。偶像歌手常常主导中国社交媒体,一个普通的偶像发出一篇微博,会收到成百上千的点赞、分享和评论,这在微博上是很常见的。

  注意这段话中对微博的描写同位语:China's most saturated microblogging platform, saturated原意饱和的,这里形容微博用户之多。


  It is very easy to see just how grossly inflated and manipulated these numbers are. One rabid fan will buy dozens and even hundreds of their idols' albums just to help them achieve ranking on the music charts. They register multiple accounts on social media sites and repost tweets dozens of times per day, so that their idol can appear on "trending" lists.很容易看出这些数字是如何被夸大和操纵的。一个狂热的粉丝会买数十甚至数百张自己偶像的专辑,仅仅是为了帮助他们提升音乐榜单排名。他们在社交网络平台上注册多个账号,每天多次转发推文,这样他们的偶像就会出现在“热搜”榜单之上。

  grossly极其,非常,通常修饰不好的事物,含贬义,比如grossly overweightunfairinadequate?极胖不公平不充分

  Press reports have been grossly exaggerated. 新闻报道过于夸张。

  数字弄虚作假、夸大,可用动词inflate,吹嘘,吹捧,经常搭配副词be grosslyvastlyhugely inflated,比如The numbers of people involved have been grossly inflated by the media. 涉及的人数被媒体严重夸大了。

  宾语也可以是数据之外的名词,比如自信心:The success further inflated his self-confidence. 那次成功使他进一步自我膨胀。

  rabid这个词也多含有贬义,表示狂热的,而且通常是过激的,比如a group of rabid right-wing fanatics 一群极端的右翼狂热分子

  热搜榜单the trending list,trend时尚、趋势。

  Like a virtual army, they are mobilized and united. As they do this, they receive a gratifying and satisfying sense of participation and control in the success of their idol.就像一个虚拟的军队一样,他们动员起来,团结起来。在做这些事情的同时,他们收获着一种参与和控制自己偶像成功的满足感。